The Wicked Wizard of Fizzog

The Wicked Wizard of Fizzog

The Wicked Wizard of Fizzog

Mon 1 Jan 0001 - Fri 6 Apr 2018, 7.30pm

This show has been re-scheduled and will now take place on Friday 6 April.

How do you combine the most classic story of all time with a multi award winning musical? Well look no further, Fizzog’s Froggatts and Cotterills characters are back again with the surprise of the year.

Lizzie Cotterill has put pen to paper (as she is the only one that can write) to create her latest master piece. The tale of 2 young witch’s friendship that turns sour, when Dorothy turns up trying to find her way home with the help of her new mates, she gets caught in the middle of their ongoing feud. How will it all end. As always, the story never unfolds as it should.

Don’t miss Fizzog’s hilarious parody of Wicked and the Wizard of Oz.

Check out their hilarious trailer  for this fabulous show.

Age 14+


Forest Arts Centre Box Office (0300 555 2898) is open Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm.

Online booking is available 24 hours.


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